AIS Network Cloud

In this introductory video, AIS Network explains a little about managed cloud hosting options and the differences among Tier I, Tier II, Tier III and Tier IV data centers. (August 2012)

In AIS Network’s Internet Pioneer Series, AISN Chairman Kurt Baumann discusses his role in founding the first Japanese commercial ISP in the early 90s. (August 2011)

Doug Humphrey

Hailed as the “Father of Managed Hosting,” Digex founder Doug Humphrey is an AIS Network advisor. In our Internet Pioneer Series, he discusses entrepreneurs and the cloud. (July 2011)


Featured Content

“To Cloud or Not to Cloud: SharePoint Hosting Options — and Which One Is Right for You,” August 2011
In this white paper, AISN presents a detailed look at SharePoint hosting options, including on-premise hosting and outsourced hosting. Cloud hosting, Microsoft Office 365 and third-party hosting are discussed.
“To Host or Not to Host” Presentation, SharePoint Saturday The Conference (08.12.11, Annandale, VA)
AISN presented a technical session entitled, “To Host or Not to Host,” at the Washington, DC-area’s SharePoint Saturday.
“Content is King” Presentation, HostingCon 2011 (08.10.11, San Diego, CA)
AISN presented a content marketing session entitled, “Content Is King: Effective Tools & Techniques to Gain Greater Visibility for You and Your Company,” at the hosting industry’s premiere conference. To experience the slide deck as it was presented, please view the movie first.
Social Media Revolution (MP4) (WMV)
Presentation Handouts (PDF)

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