Cloud-based hosting makes IT more responsive to business needs. How? Because it’s easier and faster to deploy than in-house services, the cloud enables an IT department to respond to business requests and add new applications—literally overnight.

Take advantage of the many benefits that AIS Network’s fully managed cloud hosting offers.  Whether your organization is a publicly traded company, a private enterprise, a government agency or a nonprofit, you can improve your IT infrastructure by virtualizing some portion of it.

AISN cloud hostingBut “getting there” is a process.  Adding some level of cloud hosting services can be confusing, which is why AISN is committed to providing its clients with the information, support and services they need to develop a custom cloud hosting solution that meets perfectly their organization’s needs for security, performance and availability—all at a cost savings.

Our custom, fully managed public, private and hybrid cloud computing services are designed to meet the simplest or most complex needs of small, mid-size and large organizations.  Among many use scenarios, you can deploy AISN’s cloud hosting to support:

  • Production-ready applications (i.e., Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Exchange, SaaS, etc.)
  • Internet, extranet and intranet sites
  • Virtual development and test labs
  • Virtual storage
  • Virtual disaster recovery
  • Virtual networking
  • Virtual on-demand computing
  • Blended dedicated and cloud solutions

AISN Offers Cloud Security, Performance and Availability

AISN’s cloud-based hosting services come standard with:

Security. Protect your data in our SSAE 16 Type II-compliant data centers. For added peace of mind, choose AISN’s private cloud hosting environment with various compliance options (SOX, PCI, FISMA or HIPAA).

Scalability. Spin your cloud up and scale it at will to accommodate peak computing use or site traffic—without having to predict it in advance.

Expert management. Expect nothing less than 24x7x365 expert management of your cloud.

Enhanced performance. Rest easy with higher speed, 100% availability and uptime.

Flexibility. Control your own server, custom design and integration.

License mobility. Transfer your on-premise licenses smoothly by availing yourself of AISN’s status as a Microsoft Authorized License Mobility partner.

Accessibility. Access your system through a simple Web portal.  Connect at any time—from virtually anywhere—using any Internet-enabled device.

Cost savings. Forget CapEx expenses associated with in-house servers and on-site maintenance. AISN cloud hosting is a predictable, monthly OpEx.


AISN Provides Cloud Integration Assistance

In any organization, integration between applications can be tricky for an IT department.  That’s because, necessarily, the operational risk of one application is shared by the others.

After you migrate to AISN Private Cloud, AISN Public Cloud or AISN Hybrid Cloud hosting, the cloud environment will become a normalized part of your operations over time.  It’s then that your ability to effectively manage ongoing security, performance and availability across all application deployments will become challenging.

That’s where AISN’s cloud hosting experts can be most useful—as an extension of your own IT team.  When you need the help, AISN’s experts can assist you in ensuring your organization’s successful integration of cloud-based resources, systems and applications.

Choose Among AISN Cloud Hosting and Online Storage Plans

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