Failure to address email archiving can leave your business vulnerable to compliance penalties. Why risk it?

AISN’s compliant, cloud-based email archiving for enterprise provides improved manageability and predictable low costs without compromising security or functionality.

Looking for a way to store, manage and discover terabytes of email traffic? Need to keep every single email and attachment in its original format for compliance reasons?

Now, it’s easy and cost-effective with our email archiving in the cloud for enterprise. Whether you seek to protect your business from the consequences of losing your valuable information, are striving to meet strict compliance regulations or comply with a legal mandate, AISN will save your company’s email using detailed, auditable methods.

Our next generation solution, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive™, is the industry’s leading cloud-based archiving solution known for its secure, Big Data platform. It addresses four key challenges – speed, eDiscovery, regulatory compliance and storage management/access – without the headaches of managing archiving in-house.

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive

Delivering high performance for a low, predictable lifetime cost. Expect it to be:



Global, mobile and social capabilities to give real time information access to legal and compliance teams as well as end-users.


Proofpoint Enterprise Archive has been granted an Authority to Operate (ATO), based on its ability to meet the stringent requirements of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) certification and accreditation (C&A) process. It also meets SEC/FINRA regulatory compliance. Supervisory review capabilities ensure that broker-dealer communications are monitored and managed to assist in meeting requirements of FINRA Rules 3110 and 3010, as well as SEC Rules 17a 3-4.



Only Proofpoint has DoubleBlind™ Key Architecture to ensure that you hold the keys, providing protection against data breaches and legal discovery challenges.



Only Proofpoint is 10x faster, guaranteed to deliver results in seconds through an innovative grid storage architecture and parallel search technology.

Use Email Archiving in the Cloud for…

  • Managing compliance efforts
  • Protecting mission-critical data
  • Retaining records for regulatory requirements
  • Preserving email for eDiscovery
  • Reducing your production email server load
  • Cutting back time and money spent on documentation

An innovative architecture allows your enterprise email archive to be up and running in days.


What are you waiting for?