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Our government and education hosting solutions and managed services are designed to protect against the pain and cost of data breaches.

That’s why choosing the provider is critical — whether you need to achieve compliance with FISMA, FERPA, HIPAA or PCI or another regulatory goal. Remember, not every cloud provider offering government hosting solutions offers FERPA-compliant education hosting solutions too.

AISN’s custom compliant hosting solutions and managed services are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of federal, state and local government entities as well as public and private educational institutions.

All AISN solutions are hosted in a fully compliant, independently audited environment. Use them to achieve efficiency and cost savings. Depend on them for high availability, security, reliability and scalability.

If you are in Virginia, since 2012, the Commonwealth of Virginia has depended on AISN to deliver secure, compliant and highly reliable eGov hosting solutions and managed services to the executive branch agencies, counties, cities, towns, schools, and all other public entities. Use these contracts:

Contract VA-120416-AISN (Hosting Services)

CAI Virginia IT Contingent Labor Contract Statement of Work (App Development)

Contract VA-120413-BPI (Web Apps Maintenance/ Operations)

Remember, AISN is SWaM-certified too!   Virginia SWaM Small Business #697064

Compliant Cloud Solutions

Why ensure that your solution is fully compliant?

Governments, colleges and universities are subject to a multitude of federal and state statutes regulating data privacy, from consumer reporting laws to FERPA, FISMA and HIPAA. If they have a payment portal of any kind, then they’re also subject to PCI compliance. Also, some can potentially face class action lawsuits and FTC action in the aftermath of a cyber breach. So, why risk it?

Backup and Disaster Recovery

When you store your data securely in geographically dispersed areas, you eliminate the risk of catastrophic data loss due to natural or man-made disasters, theft or sabotage. To leverage our online backup and disaster recovery solutions, you don’t need to be an AISN cloud hosting client.

Cloud Storage

Sensitive cardholder data residing on localized servers or in paper documents is vulnerable to a physical theft data breach. PCI DSS-compliant cloud storage with proper encryption virtually eliminates that threat and protects it from corruption and inaccessibility. Compliant cloud storage is also used frequently to support cloud applications, secondary backup needs and storage of infrequently used files. To leverage our cloud storage, you don’t need to be an AISN cloud hosting client.

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

A hybrid cloud solution allows clients some flexibility, especially when they want to connect legacy or on-premises applications, networking, management, operations, tools and hardware to cloud-based services and infrastructure in an off-premises environment. Clients might also choose a hybrid solution to balance capital and operational expenses, optimize existing resources or improve responsiveness to shifting business requirements. The characteristics of hybrid clouds present unique compliance and technical challenges that AISN is accustomed to addressing.

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Private Cloud Hosting

The AISN High Security Private Cloud is the No. 1 choice of our PCI-regulated clients, because it offers the highest levels of compliance, security, scalability, enhanced performance and availability. It’s a single-tenant environment in which the hardware, storage and network are dedicated to a single client. Most clients choose dedicated private cloud configurations (physical and logical isolation). Virtual private cloud configurations (logical isolation only) are also available.

FERPA Education Hosting Solutions and Compliance Services

FISMA, HIPAA, PCI and SOX Government Hosting Solutions and Compliance Services


Dedicated Server Hosting

Not everyone is nor need to be in the cloud. Old-fashioned, high availability dedicated server hosting is rock-solid hosting, alive and well. Just as with our cloud hosting solutions, each dedicated server solution is customized and fully managed.


Managed Services

Our website development and application development services are in the most demand, followed by backup, disaster recovery, data migration, and database/ data storage, among others. To leverage our managed services, you don’t need to be an AISN hosting client.


Auditing Services

Interest in penetration testing, vulnerability scans, network scans, advisory and risk assessment, application security, and remediation services is heating up. To leverage our auditing services, you don’t need to be an AISN cloud hosting client.

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