AISN’s turnkey payment portal solution and services for Virginia eGov

Use eGov Contract VA-120413-BPI

Using eGov Contract VA-120413-BPI, all public entities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States may negotiate, administer and contract with AISN to develop, install and maintain web-based systems for payment processing and related services. For zero-budget impact, agencies may optionally fund the system using constituent-paid convenience processing fees.

AISN has been serving the Commonwealth of Virginia since 2012 and is a trusted PCI-DSS Level 3.2 service provider.

What is AISN GovPal©?

GovPal© is a full lifecycle transaction management solution hosted in the cloud in our PCI-DSS compliant data centers. The solution not only includes gateway and merchant services but also extensive financial reporting and funds disbursement. Learn more about AISN’s independently audited PCI DSS 3.2 environment.

Convert your manual process to a secure online transaction that integrates with your systems. Citizens get more consumer choice, and you’re enabled to invest more in the community with the taxpayer money that you save.

AISN provides multiple layers of physical and technical security, high availability and broad options for encryption, access control, vulnerability scanning, network security scanning, and more.

consumers paying eGov services

How Does AISN’s GovPal© Work?

GovPal Consumer


  • Consumers navigate to websites maintained by state agencies for the purpose of purchasing goods and/or services.

  • Consumers choose goods/services to be purchased from the agency and a “shopping cart” is created.

  • Consumers wishing to pay with PayPal or a credit card click a link and are redirected to a url.*

  • The redirect creates an encrypted SSL connection to the servers hosted with AISN.

PCI Compliance: None required at this stage.

* Convenience processing fees may apply.

GovPal© Portal Servers

AISN hosts the GovPal© WFE server containing the payment portions of the user experience. These pages have been “skinned” in the same style as the Commonwealth’s website to maintain a consistent user experience. Consumers provide their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and credit card payment information. No PII or payment data is stored. Information is transmitted via an encrypted SSL connection to the payment processor of your choice.

PCI Compliance: The AISN network infrastructure and portal servers transmit PII through the network and therefore are PCI compliant with Self-Assessment Questionnaire C. Compliance measures include SSL Certificate Encryption, quarterly network scans by an approved scan vendor, server security monitoring and an annual self-assessment.

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Payment Processor

The payment processor, Elavon, receives the PII and payment information from the GovPal© servers. The payment is processed and a Response Reason Code is generated indicating whether the transaction has been approved or denied. The Response Reason Code is transmitted back to the GovPal© servers and passed back to the agency. The consumer is presented with a transaction summary page. Payment processor databases retain relevant transaction data so that the vendor can see historical data pertaining to their sales.

PCI Compliance: Payment processors maintain an environment that is PCI Compliant with Self-Assessment Questionnaire D. Compliance measures include quarterly network scans by an approved scan vendor, security monitoring, encryption of PII within the database and an annual audit.

Digital Government Uses

  • Taxes (Motor Vehicles, Business Services, Libraries, Permitting, Tourism)
  • Professional Licensing
  • Schools & Sports
  • Outdoor Licensing
  • Transportation
  • Construction Registries
  • Vendor Payments

Benefits of Digitizing Transactions

  • More secure
  • Available to consumers 24×7
  • Faster
  • Paperless
  • Cheaper*
  • Fewer late fees
  • Mobile
  • Automated (Time Savings, Increased Productivity, Improved Citizen Experience, Better Customer Service, Business-Friendly Environment)

* Agencies may optionally fund system using constituent-paid convenience processing fees.

Who’s Using AISN’s Secure Online Payments?

Virginia Office of the Attorney General

Virginia citizens make online payments to the Division of Debt Collection.

Virginia Department of Fire Programs

Shopping online is a major convenience to the agency’s customers.

Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

From multiple agency sites, customers can process licensing and certifications, and purchase a variety of goods and services.

Megabyte Systems

Our secure platform supports the leading California property tax system serving nearly 30 counties.

Contact us to inquire about modernizing your agency’s approach to secure payment processing.