AISN’s Private Dev Cloud Rolls Up the Benefits of a Cloud With the Security of a Private Site.

Need short-term development servers? Our Virginia eGov customers asked for a private dev cloud, and now we’ve delivered it.

The Virginia eGov Private Dev Cloud offers the benefits of cloud computing coupled with the security of private dedicated servers.

All of the Space You Need, None of the Hassle

Using a cloud-based hosting system allows for a flexible and cost-effective way to deploy development servers instantly and on demand without all of the time and expense associated with hardware procurement.

Use your self-serve portal to fire up an instance of a virtual machine and begin development testing immediately. When you’re all done, simply shut down the virtual machine. It’s simple. It’s safe. And with self-service, it’s there when you need it.

Have specific development needs?

Review our Virginia eGov Private Development Cloud pricing and then contact us to get started.

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