Because Education Is Key….

Education plays a key role in helping our Commonwealth customers feel comfortable with their AISN hosting team and supported in their understanding of our services.

To that end, our team offers several resources:



We offer complimentary webinars, whitepapers and other resources. AISN team members are also willing to make presentations to groups and write guest blogs. Please direct any inquiries or scheduling requests to AISN VP of Marketing Communications Laurie Head.



AISN is a rapidly growing company with frequent media activity. Check our press releases and media coverage to stay current.



Our team likes to blog on a range of topics – everything from technical questions to industry news. Check out our blog. AISN invites guest post submissions from our customers and partners.



Go to Contact Us and ask to sign up for the AISN corporate newsletter.  Feel free to contribute stories. We love to showcase our partners and customers!


Social Media

We are active on various social media networks. We like to tweet industry news as well as our own. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and link to us through LinkedIn.

Recommended Reading

We love to read and we read a lot.  Below are some resources that are particularly relevant to Commonwealth of Virginia IT decision makers.  Check them out!


The Virginia Information Technologies Agency. VITA manages our contract with the Commonwealth of Virginia and has posted useful guidance on the VITA Web site:


National Association of State Chief Information Officers. If you haven’t seen their site, take a look now.  NASCIO is an excellent resource for information about state government and technology, and they have quite a few publications.

A series of NASCIO reports about leveraging cloud technology highlights the cloud’s potential for optimizing system efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing service delivery.  For a discussion of issues related to cloud privacy and security, we particularly like the most recent May 2012 report.