AISN is extremely grateful to have been selected by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a contracted supplier for their critical and nationally recognized eGov services program.

Our Primary Goal

As our primary goal, we want to help our Virginia government customers succeed across a broad spectrum of goals and objectives, particularly:

  • Cost reductions
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Responsiveness

The AISN Commitment

AISN has a proven track record of delivering compliant solutions for government and enterprise.  We bring to bear years of expertise and skills that will help Virginia government users succeed as they strive to improve the way they manage and protect their data as well as their means of interacting and doing business with their constituents.

For all our clients, we are committed to taking the constant worry out of IT and exceeding expectations each and every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference among VITA’s contracted hosting suppliers?

Aside from whether or not the hosting supplier is SSAE 16-certified (not just the data center, that is), the main difference lies in the data center infrastructure environment offered by each supplier.

Across the three suppliers, data centers with four levels (“tiers”) are available: Tiers I, II, III and IV. The data center tier standards are the result of a standardized methodology that is used to determine availability in a facility – a metric which is helpful in anticipating downtime, measuring performance and calculating return on investment.

The tiers describe the availability of data from the hardware at a location, taking into consideration such factors as redundancy, fault tolerance and uptime. The higher the tier, the greater the availability. The simplest is a Tier I data center, which is basically a server room. The most stringent level is a Tier IV data center, which is designed to host mission critical systems. Naturally, the hosting supplier should be selected depending upon an agency’s requirements.


Do all of the contracted hosting suppliers on the VITA contract offer Tier III/Tier IV hosting services?

No. Only AISN offers Tier III/Tier IV hosting services.


How long have you been hosting in Tier III/Tier IV environments?

AISN has been hosting in a Tier IV data center in Chicago for more than 15 years. We have been operating in a Tier III data center in Virginia for more than three years. This experience allows us to provide industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


Do all of the contracted hosting suppliers have SSAE 16 certification?

No. AISN is the only SSAE 16-audited hosting company on the VITA contract. We have been audited continuously for SSAE 16 (formerly SAS 70) compliance since 2009. For additional information, read further.


Why is an SSAE 16 audit significant?

To receive SSAE 16 Type II certification, we must submit, every six months, to an SSAE 16 audit by an independent, third party auditor. Upon completion of the audit, the independent auditor issues a report certifying that AISN has put into place the processes and safeguards needed to protect our clients’ assets and data, which reside in our managed hosting services data center.

When our clients (some are public companies) are audited, they incorporate the AISN SSAE 16 audit into their own audit. Similarly, when AISN is audited for SSAE 16 compliance, AISN incorporates the SSAE 16 audits of our data centers into our own audit. Each step in the chain must be audited – the data center, the hosting company, and the client. AISN is SSAE 16 compliant not because our data centers have been audited, but because the processes, procedures, and internal controls of AISN itself have been, and are continually, audited.

Only an SSAE16 audit of the hosting company by an independent, third party auditor can result in a hosting company being certified as SSAE 16 compliant. To learn more about our SSAE 16 audit, have a look at our Certificate of Audit page.


Who manages your contract?

The Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) manages our contract with the Commonwealth of Virginia and has issued governance, including evaluation and ordering steps.


How Does the Contract Work?

Contract VA-120416-AISN has state-negotiated terms and fees, and the process is designed to be easy. To access these hosting services, you do not need to write an RFP, interview companies or vet references. Simply develop a scope of work and ask the contractor, AIS Network, to respond with a customized solution. AISN is positioned to work with you seamlessly as an extension of your own IT staff.


Is Online Payment Processing Covered?

Yes, you can use Contract VA-129416-AISN and Contract VA-120413-BPI together to get an affordable, secure online payment processing solution. For more information, read our PCI Payment Processing Solution Sheet.


Where Can I Learn More?

To learn more about how to use Contract VA-120416-AISN, continue to explore this website or contact our sales team at or 888-401-2476.


Where can I find additional VITA guidance?

Here are some links to posted guidance on their website:

Pricing Questions?